Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shujaat Ali Khan being the administrative Judge of the LHCRC, is no less than a waft of fresh air for the LHCRC. Given his rich literary background and futuristic approach, he is considered as a harbinger of change and improvement. Under the command of Hon’ble Chief Justice Lahore High Court Mr. Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shujaat Ali Khan is revamping the infrastructural look of the LHCRC. Not only that he is also keenly pursuing to ensure provision of a dedicated internet connection, latest digital tools, West Law connection, and updated version of Law Finder for the LHCRC. Indubitably, institutions thrive under the headship of strong leaders, who are prescient to prepare for the future challenges well in time. Hopefully the LHCRC is on the way to cross many positive milestones in the days to come.

Message By Hon'ble Mr. Justice Shujaat Ali Khan

Research is a critical tool for successfully navigating our complex legal world. Without it, we would be forced to rely solely on intuition, rigid views and blind luck. To be confident in one’s abilities is fair enough, yet doors of wisdom and adaptability should always be open. It is through systematic research that we divest ourselves of our preconceived notions and gain an objective understanding. More than ever before, we have an incredible amount of information at our fingertips, and a simple internet search on any given research topic might result in a number of contradictory studies. Therefore a dedicated team, having a consistent aptitude is necessary to accomplish this task.

I urge all research officers to raise prestige of this institution with dedications, devotions, enthusiasm and keenness towards professional commitments. I consider the research as an all coming need of our institution. I endeavor to improve infrastructure of Research Center and to provide maximum research tools in order to enable research team to act more effectively to determine applicable rules, see connections among precedents, identify relevant principles and apply them in new circumstances and novel ways, and articulate clear positions that are convincing to others.

The particular goal of Research Center is to provide quality assistance to Hon’ble Judges of Lahore High Court in all legal propositions. Though with a vision to elevate Research Center to an internationally recognized institution, I aim to initiate provincial, national and international conferences & trainings. I encourage publications of research articles and legal handy books. All these efforts are meant to render general facilitation to each member of legal fraternity in his capacity as a judge or as a lawyer or as a student of law.

I look forward for positive suggestion and innovative ideas from everyone concerned with legal community. With all hopes of significant performance from research officers, I promise to flourish it to next pinnacles of success.