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Research Center

(Historical Background)

The innovative step of establishing a Research Centre for providing research support to Hon'ble Judges of the Lahore High Court was approved by Mr. Justice Sh. Azmat Saeed, the then Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, on the thematic idea of Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah, the then Hon'ble Judge Lahore High (now Hon’ble Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan). It was formally inaugurated by the then Chief Justice on Friday, the 27th January, 2012. Thereafter, under direct supervision of Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah and patronage of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Umar Atta Bandial, the LHCRC flourished by leaps and bounds.

The Hon'ble Judges send queries and legal questions to the LHCRC which are being responded through memoranda prepared by the Research Officers. A standard operating procedure has been devised for smooth functioning of the Centre and to prescribe job description of Research Officers. Keeping in view the needs of the Centre, a post of Senior Research Officer was created. Historically Hon’ble Chief Justices have themselves monitored the working of the LHCRC but in the year 2019 Hon’ble Mr. Justice Jawad Hassan was tasked to look after the LHCRC on behalf of the Hon’ble Chief Justice. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shujaat Ali Khan was the first judge of Lahore High Court who was formally appointed as the administrative judge of the LHCRC. The Hon’ble Judge was succeeded by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shahid Waheed as the administrative judge of LHCRC. Currently, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shujaat Ali Khan is again having of administrative control of the center.

At present, in addition to answering research based queries of the Hon’ble Judges of the Lahore High Court, the LHCRC performs multiple tasks like compiling Lahore High Court Case Law Bulletin, preparing reference books like citators of Civil and Criminal Laws and organizing judicial conferences and seminars.